Why no staff biographies?

Our staff is all volunteer with multiple roles and jobs. Some are students, some are seasoned military veterans and national security professionals. Our credentials show in  the work we produce and we take pride in focusing on our mission, not ourselves.

How do you raise money?

We don’t really. We charge small course registration fees that pay back our volunteers for the expenses they generate and take care of from their personal accounts. We are working on a sponsorship page that will accept donations. UPDATE: Help us raise funds to register as a 501(c)(3)!

Do you work with other countries?

We have put on events in Australia and some of our staff are foreign students that bring special perspectives into the fold for scenario development.

Do you teach classified material?

No. Never. All of our course material is derived from the news headlines and open source media. We reference textbooks and security literature to build our courses. Some of our members have held or hold security clearances. Oaths and non-disclosure agreements are for life.

Are you affiliated with a government agency?


Do you have official documentation?

Yes. We currently are registered as a Virginia non-stock corporation. Its the first step to becoming a 501(c)(3).