Our Values

The Stratcon Initiative is dedicated to values that help promote education, patriotism, cooperation and national security through training and simulations. Our all volunteer staff is comprised of university professors, students, young professionals and former members of the military and government. We work closely with like-minded organizations to help promote a responsible mission of education and training in the national security sphere.

We believe in Loyalty. Loyalty to your fellow countrymen and respect for the law is a pillar of responsible citizenship.

We have Passion. We love what we do and it shows in our work. We work tirelessly to promote realistic, timely and relevant personal, organization and national security related training. We believe that good training and dedication helps keep us safe against a number of threats. Criminals, hackers, terrorists and spies exploit weakness. We exploit strength by tapping into enthusiastic minds that care deeply about professional development in the interest of national security.

We recognize that through Education students and concerned individuals can better prepare themselves and those around them for the unexpected. Training in the classroom lays the foundation for a life long respect of emerging and evolving threats. We should always be prepared.

National Security starts with the individual. Many of our volunteers are veterans, government workers and national security enthusiasts. More than just “See Something, Say Something” we provide the opportunity to expand the understanding of the threat environment of today’s chaotic world. Most of the time, everyday people who go about their lives never realize how close danger is. Security whether in the personal space or cyber space can and should always be addressed.