Elicitation X

This crash course in body language, conversation control and micro expressions will give you an introduction to fundamental skills that will help navigate your everyday interactions with anyone you meet and give you the tools to figure out what is actually being said, or not, in personal and business settings. You will interact with former professional agency and DOD intelligence officers and learn about the threat that exists from foreign intelligence agencies and criminal groups who use these same techniques to extract vital information from unsuspecting targets at hotels, bars, parties, the office, and on vacation.

Elicitation is the preferred method for developing rapport and building a relationship with someone who is being groomed for further recruitment as a spy or unwitting source. Learn how to spot these tricks and take the necessary steps to report such behavior to the appropriate authorities when it happens.

You do not have to work in government or national security to benefit from this training. You will learn how to improve your people skills in a safe and fun environment and put the skills to the test in a controlled exercise. These skills have applications in the dating world, business settings, in public and in private with your family or kids.

We have drawn on material and case studies from marketing, psychology and the business community to supplement literature about the threat of elicitation. Our goal is to help harden the defenses and inoculate our participants against the time-tested elicitation techniques that will be demonstrated in the course. Must be 21 to attend!

DISCLAIMER: This course is for educational purposes only and does not certify any participant to any degree or training equivalency. It is not affiliated with any government organization and taking this course should not be considered a qualification.