Intelligence X (formerly Dubai Job)

Take on the role of an intelligence analyst trying to uncover an impending terrorist attack. You will learn essentials skills that will teach you about team work, briefing, writing and assimilating large amounts of information.

Past reviews:

  • I had a very good experience in taking the course. I felt like I was exposed to the kind of work that intelligence analysts are typically involved in. The course helped me to think through real-world issues to identify and analyze important scenario details. Definitely felt like I gained a new skill set and developed important team-related experience.

  • I really liked how realistic and demanding the scenario was. The info dumps and RFI’s were incredibly intense. I liked how realistic the format of everything was and the way the scenario developed over time.

  • The depth of the background research provided to us added an exceptional layer of realism to the entire scenario and made the scenario feel realistic.

  • The fact that it felt very real, and gives you the job of an intelligence analyst compressed into a couple days.