Mid East Tensions at an All Time High

The year is 2018. The Middle East is on the verge of descending into a multi-polar war. Iran and Israel have escalated rhetoric and are on the verge of launching devastating missile attacks at one another. Each promising the destruction and regime change of the other.

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Past reviews:

  • This was an amazing event. It set you down in possible real-world scenarios, obviously without the real-world consequences, and forced you to think creatively and logically about your own strategy. 

  • It was fantastic. It was a great way to experience the pressure and stress of high-stakes diplomacy, but in a fun environment.

  • It was an amazing experience with engaging and intelligent participants. Definitely sign up for the next one!

  • I thoroughly enjoyable and instructive experience. Would definitely recommend.

  • The scenario was a fun experience. It showed the difference between having to evaluate real world consequences and the actions taken when no real consequences are present.

  • Would highly recommend to someone interested in diplomacy and intelligence.

  • I had a great time experience and learned an invaluable skill of teamwork.

  • It was really positive, I learned a lot, and I had some fun too.

  • Fantastic! Fun experience.

  • Tons of fun!