The Luna Agenda

Months of surveillance have yielded nothing. Murmurs of a home-grown plot to attack Sydney’s Luna Park on terrorist communication networks haze fizzled out and members of Task Force 21 are about to be released to their home organizations.

Until a high-profile international terrorist reaches out to the suspected cell in Australia to ask for help. Something much bigger is happening. It begins in Al-Raqqa, it is linked to criminals in Southeast Asia and it involves an attack on Australian soil. Suddenly you are in the middle of a major international operation involving terrorists, criminals and smugglers. The government is looking to you to protect Australian lives at home and abroad.

Step into the role of a security analyst for an inter-agency task-force tracking terrorist communications in Australia and abroad. You will need to effectively manage a relentless flow of intelligence reports, brief decision-makers about unfolding events and use your analytical and critical analysis skills to find answers to impossible questions. Australia is looking to you to unravel the mystery and prevent a catastrophic terrorist attack.